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Hello Indories, Mealslab is the first ever multi cuisine customized meal delivery kitchen. It provides plans that are designed to maintain and protect your health, featuring the wholesome foods that you require to be healthy. They also allow you to customize your meal designed for various diseases such as diabetes, celiac disease, cancer, coronary artery, renal/ kidney disease and more. All the fresh kinds of resources are used to prepare meals and you don’t have to worry for quality of food. Mealslab helps you in living lifelong and well being. Arranging for resources and then getting ready meal by yourself can get sometimes stressful so Mealslab is here to solve this problem and making your meal reach your door step with many offers and discounts. It is not so rigid to order online as it is a easy process, you have to just order on call or visit


Preparation and knowledge of healthy food for cancer patients is not so easy and Cancer suffering people need a healthy food to give a tough fight. Mealslab helps you in delivering healthy meals to cancer patients. MealsLab is a team of Inhouse Oncologists, Nutritionists, Dietitians who create meals to provide all nutritional values required by people fighting cancer using strategies recommended by Cancer Society, The National Cancer Institute and various other researches. They also use every ingredient required like meat, poultry, fish, dairy, fruits, vegetables and grains, which can make a great balanced diet and meets the needs of body of patients going through treatment of cancer.

Their meals will be ideal for –

  • building strength before cancer treatment

  • managing treatment side effects

  • regaining strength after treatment

  • tailor meals as per your need.

They will fulfill your every requirement of meals you need.


Time before pregnancy and after arrival of baby can be very stressful along the excitement and joy. For the peace of expecting mother and new mothers, Mealslab presents HEALTHY MOMMY PROGRAM, which can be a good investment and a gift to mother, daughter, friend and any family member. They give you convenience of having healthy meal for baby and her mom so they remain stress free because healthy diet is something very important for pre and post pregnancy period. This program also let you enjoy that period without any tensions.

Our program features –

  • Complete Daily Menu – All the portion-controlled food you need for the whole week including breakfasts, lunches, dinner, side dishes and snacks.

  • Gourmet Meals – Seasonal menu of prepared meals (“best taste and quality”) that changes weekly.

  • Personalized Likes and Dislikes – Personalize your meals as per your likes and dislikes and according to your preferences.

  • Fresh, Made to Order, Organic – Fresh (not frozen), prepared meals made by hand with organic and all natural ingredients, fully cooked and ready to eat.

  • Easy – No shopping, cooking or washing messy dishes , just have to order simply (online or phone) with auto-renewal available so you do not have to place order every week.

  • Multi-Week Plan Discounts – Enjoy big savings with multi-week plan discounts.

Mealslab just want the mother and her baby to remain healthy and make other family members stress free.


Low carbs is a diet which minimizes the consumption of carbohydrates such as sugary foods, pasta and breads. So for people who are very conscious about their health and wants to have a proper diet without much struggle. Mealslab is here to help you out of this problem , now you can order your low carb diet meal from our different menu items available and you can also customize your meals according to your likes and preferences.

Mealslab wants everyone looking for low carb diet to get their requirement completed. We provide low carb meal item such lots of kinds of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.


Consumption of proper diet is a necessity for people who are gym freaks or trying get their body shape proper through proper diet only. Mealslab focuses on meals required by the fitness freaks as they need to get results out of their workout.

Mealslab will be looking for fulfilling every required meal of high protein with their own menu of protein diets and option is also available for customizing your meal with your own preferences.


Diabetes is such a disease often referred by doctors as diabetes mellitus, describes as a group metabolic diseases in which a person gets blood sugar levels higher for a prolonged period. This can be identified when person faces frequent urination, increasing thirst, fatigue, hunger, headaches etc. This is a disease which can be cured by monitoring blood sugar levels and using medications or insulin whenever need. Many ways are there to reduce sugar level such as exercises and workout. All of this can be done but there is also need to keep a healthy and sufficient balanced diet to remit this disease. As it can’t be completely erased but can be partially remitted.

Mealslab has brought a way for diabetes people to arrange a proper healthy diet without any stress as preparation of healthy can be hectic and lack of knowledge can also lead to lack of proper diet. With the help of many specialists and doctors mealslab prepares healthy food which will contain of protein, fish, eggs, fruits , vegetables etc. You can also order your own customized meal as per your preferences or have an option of opting from their plans prepared by them.

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