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Mealslab™  is Indore’s first and only nutritionally balanced, perfectly portioned healthy meal delivery service. We provide a wide variety of freshly cooked healthy meals to individuals across Indore. Our team of experienced chefs and dieticians work together to ensure that your meal is not just healthy, but also tasty and varied. The meals are individually packed in hygienic, contamination-proof packages with nutritional content printed on each package. 

Our meals are not about bland, dull diets or complicated fad diets. They are a lifestyle choice - providing balanced nutritious meals designed for your body's needs. Each meal is designed to provide balanced nutrition - a well balanced mix of macros like carbohydrates and proteins, a high fibre content, low fat content and minimal cholesterol content.


We provide healthy catering options to offices and for parties.


Fitness store  provide different types of Healthy food items and supplements like cakes, cookies ,nuts, Biscuits ,  Whey protein etc. and also to provide a organic items to the consumer who are conscious to their health & fitness and want to purchase organic items.


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Healthy Food
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